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Some say...
... she won the 3rd grade spelling bee without even attending
... she is known to answer any question with a quote from Shakespeare
... she can punctuate her way out of a padlocked cell

All we know is, she's called ... The Guru

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The right word for the right job.

Compliment or complement? Is “enormity” what you really mean? This section helps you choose the correct word to convey your exact meaning. From words that sound or look alike, to words that are often misused or misspelled. Make your communication rise above the crowd. And be confident you’re saying precisely what you mean.


Be sure your meaning is crystal clear.

Punctuation was created more than 500 years ago to make reading easier and keep your meaning clear. In most cases, it’s easy to know what’s right. But sometimes there’s more than one correct style. All those answers are here.


Don’t follow the crowd into these mistakes.

We all know it. English spelling is nothing if not inconsistent. That’s because it has its roots in so many different tongues. But that’s also what makes it such a rich language. Here is where you’ll easily find the correct way to spell the most commonly misspelled words.


The CFO told your CTO that ICT must provide EPS to determine EBITDA. WTF?!?

When everyone around you talks in letters, don’t be left behind. These common abbreviations will let you know what they’re saying. And give you the confidence to speak their language.


When you want to express billions and billions.

Numbers are the language of precision. Add precision to your communication, whether you’re talking about kings or fractions or page numbers.


Your French doesn’t sound so sophisticated if you’re calling a cat
a dog.

One reason English is such a rich language is its generous use of words and phrases taken from other languages. Use the subtle nuances of another tongue to enrich your communication.


We believe that clear communication is the most important part of any business. Since 1975, our team has been writing, rewriting, and editing books, manuscripts, white papers, annual reports, blogs, articles – anything to do with communication.

Grammar Guru, our newest mobile app, was created with the goal of helping people communicate better – at work, at school, or anywhere clarity is needed. This easily searchable app contains answers to some of the most common questions about the use of American English: spelling, using foreign phrases, punctuating correctly, choosing just the right word, and more.

Hire A Guru.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Do you need to impress your boss with a perfectly-punctuated, typo-free report or white paper? Are you submitting an article to a prestigious journal, and need to appear as knowledgeable as possible? Writing a grant that calls for extra punch? Need an “A” on your next term paper?

Our gurus are available to make sure your written word is picture-perfect, every time. Email us for more information.


Release 1.2.9

Released on May 8th, 2013 (Android)
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Release 1.2.6

Released on August 14th, 2012
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Release 1.2.5

Released on August 7th, 2012
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Release 1.2.4

Released on August 6th, 2012
  • NewReleased for Google Play Market place!

Beta Notes

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Beta 1.2

Released on May 7th, 2012
  • NewSearch functionality implemented
  • FixHorizontal scrolling removed

Beta 1.1

Released on April 20th, 2012
  • NewAdditional content added

Beta 1.0

Released on March 3rd, 2012
  • NewAndroid OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich support
  • NewAndroid OS 3.X Honeycomb support

Alpha 0.1

Released on March 3rd, 2012
  • NewAlpha release for Android OS 2.1-2.3.X


  • "Thank the heavens! I wish all my friends used this app so I wouldn't have to correct their grammar all the time. I especially love the foreign phrases section!"

    iPhone 5 User
  • "Awesome app! Very useful app that can be referenced for not only grammar but vocabulary and spelling as well. It's an all in one, go-to app when it comes to writing. The search feature makes it extremely easy to navigate. It is definitely a well designed application-- the best of its kind!"

    iPhone 4S User
  • This app eschews bells & whistles in favor of good, solid information. As a college teacher, I can vouch for how valuable it is for both students and anyone wishing to express him or herself flawlessly. It does exactly as promised: answers the most common, often perplexing, questions of English grammar and usage. And gives hints to help you remember, as well as often-amusing examples.

    Nook User
  • "Love it! This App is very helpful. I am a student and it helps me with all my work. I use it whenever I have doubts about anything to do with writing."

    iPhone 4 User
  • "Love this app! Only starting to see the tremendous value it’ll have for me. And nice to quickly learn that I’m doing some stuff right but, even more important, what I’m doing wrong. It’s already been of great benefit1 Thanks!!!"

    Samsung Galaxy S User
  • "Excellent reference! No big bells & whistles, just straightforward, frequently surprising and/or entertaining content. Search is fast & comprehensive. Very valuable for writers in business or school."

    Samsung Galaxy S User
  • "This app is a great tool to move your writing skills into the rareified atmosphere of clear, persuasive, communicators."

    HTC Desire HD User


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